Hacking Subculture: Part Five – Is there a difference between a Computer Criminal and a Hacker?


In this post we will look at the very fine line that may or may not separate a computer criminal and/or a hacker. Some individuals deny any distinction between the two and some acknowledge the motivations which can be radically different. There are many online activities that are conducted everyday such as communication and information sharing. These activities as well as the illegal ones all fall under the hacking behavior. For this example, the difference between a hacker and computer criminal would be their mind set on how they approach such activity.

In terms of the hacking subculture, certain online actions are accepted (that violate the law) and are in turn labeled as computer hacking by the subculture. On the other hand, the online actions that are not accepted by the subculture are labeled as computer crimes. So, what defines a computer crime that makes all hacking activities equal to criminal behavior is offensive and inaccurate. However, similarly, definitions that deny there is any meaningful criminal action done by the hacker is seen as absurd to law enforcement and is also inaccurate. With that said, what do you think, is there a difference between a computer criminal and a hacker?


Hacking Subculture: Part Six – The different types of hackers.


Author: pel3tech

I do not like to talk about myself so I will keep it short. Served in the Military (Marine Corps), went to college and earned the following degrees: AABA in Computer Information Systems, BIT in Computer Forensics, MS in Cyber Security. I enjoy talking, reading, and learning things on technology & this blog is a way for me to enjoy that even more.

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