Hacking Subculture: Part Six – The different types of hackers.


There are different titles, so-to-speak that can define a hacker and in this post we will go over a few of them. To start off we can look a the hackers called crackers, these individuals hack with malicious intent and that is pretty much the gist of this one. A script kiddie is one who is sometimes seen as a pestilence on the web who does not have the skill set to explore newer exploits themselves. They are know to use premade scripts and their attacks are often times simple exploits of already well-known vulnerabilities. Many hackers look at a script kiddie as simply unskilled.

white hat hacker is one who is a reformed hacker who follows the strict code of employee loyalty. White hats can also be called ethical hackers who are now working within the computer security arena. Gray hat hackers are kind of like the in between hackers in that they mostly behave in an ethical manner but on occasion will violate an accepted ethic, what ever that may be. The hackers that are called black hat hackers are basically crackers without associating themselves with computer criminals. Black hats tend to only accept network intrusion and other activities like this that are done in conflict with the ethics of hackers.

Lastly for this post, we can look at a somewhat new type of hacker called the hacktivist. The hacktivist use their hacking skills to convey their political messages, what ever they may be. They are in a way the voice of the other types of hackers as they challenge the government, which ever government, regarding the treatment of their peers. A hacktivists goal is usually and mostly politically motivated and separated from the goals of the hacking subculture. There can be much more said about each of these types of hackers however, this is just a brief overview of what each one is/does.

Hacking Subculture: Part Seven – The Commitment.

Part Seven will be the final part to this series so I hope that you have enjoyed what has been presented thus far. Thank you.


Author: pel3tech

I do not like to talk about myself so I will keep it short. Served in the Military (Marine Corps), went to college and earned the following degrees: AABA in Computer Information Systems, BIT in Computer Forensics, MS in Cyber Security. I enjoy talking, reading, and learning things on technology & this blog is a way for me to enjoy that even more.

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