Hacking Subculture: Part Seven – The Commitment.


The commitment in learning more about technology and computers in general is needed in order to see what a hacker may find interesting. Furthermore, technology is continuously changing and improving making the time to learn and keep up with it more compound. With that said, hackers need to be committed to these sort of acquisitions of newer technological information. Realizing you will always have something to learn is one reason why the hacking subculture has value in their comment to learn over time all the time. In order to improve one needs to put in the time, if not, they will most likely be labeled as a script kiddie who has a limited skill set.

Simply put, if you are committed you will take the time to learn new and keep up with techniques and technologies to either be a hacker or be one who tries to stop hacking. Either way, you are essentially a hacker so which way will you commit?

This was the last post for this series so I hope you have enjoyed it. Not sure what the next post or series will be about but it will have something to do with technology.



Author: pel3tech

I do not like to talk about myself so I will keep it short. Served in the Military (Marine Corps), went to college and earned the following degrees: AABA in Computer Information Systems, BIT in Computer Forensics, MS in Cyber Security. I enjoy talking, reading, and learning things on technology & this blog is a way for me to enjoy that even more.

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