New Ads from PEL3Tech.

Hello everyone, below are some new ads that we are offering. Feel free to browse through and see if there is anything you may like.

For the Under Armor fans out there, check THIS LINK out to see what is being offered with free shipping.

NEW product line for the fishermen/boaters out there. Here are three Marine Technologies being offered now. HumminbirdFuruno – and Simrad

Spring savings on Wireless Security Cameras up to 20% off.

Here are a list of TV BOXES with up to 5% off.

Check out these affordable, useful, and portable Solar Charges that would be ideal for any situation.





Author: pel3tech

I do not like to talk about myself so I will keep it short. Served in the Military (Marine Corps), went to college and earned the following degrees: AABA in Computer Information Systems, BIT in Computer Forensics, MS in Cyber Security. I enjoy talking, reading, and learning things on technology & this blog is a way for me to enjoy that even more.

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